Envolez-vous pour un BAPTÊME en PARAPENTE

Discovery  flight


Flight time : 6 to 10 minutes

Price :


  Ascent  flight

vol avec vu sur le viaduc de millau

Flight time : 17 to 23 minutes

Price :


Sensation flight

Voltige sur le tarn !!!!

Flight time : 17 to 23 minutes

Price :


    XL flight

Parc naturel des grans causses

Temps de vol de 16 à 22 minutes

Price :


   XXL flight

viaduc millau biplace.jpg

            Temps de vol 40 à 45 minutes

Price :


      Vol XXL

Vol XXL en parapente sur Millau

        Temps de vol de 1h à 1h10 minutes

Price :


A team of 5 qualified instructors: Bruno, Jeff, Benoit, Michel and Olivier.

Who can fly a tandem  paraglider ?


From what age ?

It is possible to fly from 4 years old, so that your child can enjoy it as much as possible.

On the other hand, calm weather conditions are chosen, the flight will be in the morning before 12pm.

Until what age?

Without limit, as long as you are able to run a few steps.


Are there any special physical qualities required ?


No special preparation, runa few steps and you are in the air, sitting as if in an armchair with a 4d view.

The landing is smooth, walk a few steps and there you are again in the cow field.


A weight limit ?


For safety reasons, the limit for flying in a tandem  is about 110kg: it may vary according to the weather conditions and the passenger's abilities.

I suffer from vertigo, I get dizzy, can I do paragliding?

Vertigo is a visual phenomenon. It appears when one has a visual "escape" line

(on a ladder, on the edge of a cliff,...) This "escape" line can cause a feeling of imbalance called vertigo.

As soon as you take off, in the absence of fixed markers and comfortably installed in your harness, you will not feel dizzy.


Do you need a medical certificate?


No, it is only required for people who fly alone with their own paraglider.

People with limited mobility ?

We have a special chair for the flight. Most instructors are qualified to take people with limited mobility.

How am I insured ?

You are covered by the instructor's civil liability insurance.

Flight sequence

How should I equip myself ?

Footwear that holds the foot well (hiking boots, sneakers, trainers  for example).

Full orthree-quarter length trousers or shorts depending on the temperature.

Windproof jacket, a fleece or sweat shirt just in case (the instructor can take it during the flight in his  harness pocket)... Sunglasses recommended and..... smile indispensable!


Can I take my camera ?

Yes, but you will already be preoccupied by the introduction of the sensations and discovery of the landscape. In any case, our instructors will take pictures and videos in the air that they will offerfor view after the flight and if you wish, you can buy them.

 If you take your equipment, it must be insured and authorized by the instructor.

How does a paragliding experience work ?

Present  yourself, 10 minutes before your appointment.

A private shuttle will take you to take off for the flight.